Disabling 802.11b

We’ve recently tried to disable the old legacy 802.11b on 1 of our wireless controllers to free up more airtime for the newer protocol. What a difference it made in Channel Utilization!wlc3-public

We will be rolling this out for the other controllers soon. Bye bye 802.11b!


WPA2 available for NUS SSID

Most devices support some form of WPA/WPA2. Sadly, NUS has always been using 802.1X WEP, as we’ve been working with Cisco Wireless Lan Controllers. For quite a while now, we’ve rolled out WPA/WPA2 with 802.1X. Below are the generic details:

Phase 2: MSCHAPv2
Identity: nusstu\a0012345
Password: password
Phase 2: MSCHAPv2

Now all your WPA/WPA2 devices can log into the wireless with no problem!

Note: This is only available in SoC premises. COMCEN is rolling out similar profiles, but we are not sure which parts they have covered yet.