New Job! DevOps Engineer at University of Melbourne

I’ve started a new job! Some of you guys might know that I’ve left NUS about 1 month ago, and that I was moving to Melbourne. I left kind of abruptly and did not gave much details, as everything was pretty much unconfirmed even before I flew off. Now that the dust has finally settled, I felt that it is time to write about what’s been happening for the last one month.

I’ve started work at University of Melbourne, as a DevOps Engineer working on NeCTAR Research Cloud. NeCTAR RC is a big federated OpenStack cloud made up of nodes all around Australia. I joined the Melbourne Node, working with three other colleagues. I’ve always been interested in OpenStack so I guess it’s a good change for me!

I’m still catching up on everything, so I’m just trying to respond to support tickets whenever I can, and poking around the cloud when I have time. We just upgrade one of our sites from Precise to Trusty, and I’m currently doing some maintenance work and writing tools.

The research cloud is quite big. There are pretty graphs at the status page, and Melbourne node is one of the biggest at about 1500 instances in 3500 cores! (P.S: I hope on of the tools I’m working on can push that up ~5%!)

Most of the ‘development’ seems to come from the lead node guys (sitting a few steps away). They are really quite good at cells and messaging and all that. To my knowledge, pretty much only NeCTAR RC, RackSpace and CERN runs nova-cells now. So, it’s really cool to be able to see the workings of a big federated cloud from the inside!


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