Watching Netflix in Singapore

roku netflix

Recipe for Netflix in Singapore



  • Sign up for MyRepublic Fibre Broadband Service
  • Sign up for Netflix free trial through their website [3]
  • Purchase Roku 3 through Amazon (free shipping to Singapore)
  • Twiddle thumbs till Roku 3 arrives
  • IMPORTANT: Set up a Roku account with a US Country and Zip Code. Use credit card.
  • Plug in Roku 3 (might need a 220v to 110v step down transformer, but users have reported success without)
  • Run through setup.
  • Start Netflix
  • Watch Netflix


  • Cancel Starhub 🙂

[1] My Republic Teleport is free till 31 Dec, $5 a month afterwards (I really hope they don’t charge!)
[2] I’ve heard Apple TV works, and WD TV Live too. Let me know if your device works for you
[3] Free trial for 1 month, so that you don’t lose anything if it doesn’t work. You need to pay for it after free trial.

[edits:] added information that you need to create a Roku US account BEFORE activating Roku


11 thoughts on “Watching Netflix in Singapore

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  2. I have done exactly the same things you list here, and Netflix works fine from a PC.

    But I cannot find Netflix in the Roku’s Channel Store.

    Any tips – thanks?

      • Thanks. In the end I had to subscribe to unlocator (also trying unotelly, same idea). Also it is important to create the account BEFORE activating the roku device.
        It seems that MyRepublic Teleport is not able to convince the roku that it is in the US.

  3. Hi Wai Peng. I have MyRepublic and a Roku 3. I can access the Netflix site which means Teleport is working. However, I have issues registering an account. It gives me the following error “The Card Security Code that you entered does not appear to be valid. Please enter the 3 or 4 digit Card Security Code printed on your credit card.”…

    Any ideas how to get around it? I tried using a US zip code but still the same. Really hope you can help. Its been frustrating…

    • Hi Shayne. I too have Myrepublic and a Roku 3. I even registered my Roku account with a US address but i still can’t add channels through my ROKU account on my laptop. It keeps saying adding channels on the web not available in your region. How did you get yours to work?

      • In the end, I had to sign up with unlocator to sort of get vpn. You can also try unotelly.

  4. Same here. Twiddled thumbswaiting for Roku and MyRebublic. Can access Netflix on website and Samsung s4, however Roku does not see Netflix app, and from Roku website states app not available in my region! Tried unlocactor, screwed up e everything as blocks Google DNS.

    Is there another Android style player with NetFlix preloaded

      • I finally managed to sign up a netflix account by using a DBS cc. However, videos can’t play o my laptop and it doesn’t appear on the roku. I emailed MyRepublic customer support. They told me that the latest firmware update for Roku 3 hardcoded google’s DNS into it. Hence, there is no workaround.

        Guess I’ll have to buy an apple TV cos it’s one of the supported devices. Zzzzz

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