NUS OpenID 2.0 identifier select

NUS OpenID is now OpenID 2.0 ready! With this comes a awesome feature call identifier select. So how does it work?

With OpenID 1.1, you will need to type in your identifier ( to the consumer site you are visiting. This is a bit redundant, because when you are bounced to for authentication, it knows that you are user a0066250.

OpenID 2.0 solves this problem with identifier select. With that, you just have to enter the generic url as your identifier. After you are authenticated, your real identifier will get passed back to the consumer site. To make things easier, consumer do not even have to ask for your identifier. They just need a button (logo) for your provider, and users can click on the logo to get logged in straight away!

With these new features, NUS OpenID hopes save you lots of hassle typing in your credentials into every website. Have fun!


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