WPA2 available for NUS SSID

Most devices support some form of WPA/WPA2. Sadly, NUS has always been using 802.1X WEP, as we’ve been working with Cisco Wireless Lan Controllers. For quite a while now, we’ve rolled out WPA/WPA2 with 802.1X. Below are the generic details:

Phase 2: MSCHAPv2
Identity: nusstu\a0012345
Password: password
Phase 2: MSCHAPv2

Now all your WPA/WPA2 devices can log into the wireless with no problem!

Note: This is only available in SoC premises. COMCEN is rolling out similar profiles, but we are not sure which parts they have covered yet.


Hello world 😉

First post. I’m a Network guy, working in School of Computing. In our Network team, we have about 6 people. Together, we take care of SoC’s network, it’s network security, and also other infrastructure services like Computer Rooms.

I’ll be blogging here mostly about work, and other misc things I’m working on at the moment. Cheers!